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HumaniTerra has been sending its surgical care teams to the Koh-Kong province for the last 12 years. It is developing a unit for reconstructive surgery and burn patient treatment in the Preah Kossamak Hospital in Phnom-Penh.

Missions for Care and Surgical Training, and Opening of a Specialized Unit for Reconstructive Surgery and Treatment of Burn Patients in Phnom-Penh at the Preah Kossamak Hospital

HumaniTerra is currently supporting the Preah Kossamak Hospital through an extensive reconstructive surgery continuing education program for the surgical teams in partnership with the Cambodian Health Ministry.

The training program is composed of theoretical courses and surgical mentoring. Under the heading of this continuing education program, HumaniTerra’s volunteer members give classes to medical students in Phnom Penh on specialized topics like burn victim treatment and hand surgery.

HumaniTerra also organizes care missions focused on specialty disciplines, for example in reconstructive, plastic and orthopedic surgery, allowing the most disadvantaged patients to be cared for all the while training the surgical teams.

Upon request from the Cambodian Health Ministry, HumaniTerra created and implemented a specialized unit for Reconstructive Surgery and Treatment of Burn Patients in Phnom-Penh. The Cambodian context is marked by the virtually inexistent care for severely burned patients, people suffering from congenital deformities or severe traumatic sequelae within the public system.

With this aim, the Health Ministry has made an examination room and administrative department available at the Preah Kossamak hospital for the project. The opening of a specialized unit for reconstructive surgery and burn patients perfectly embodies HumaniTerra’s commitment to improving the surgical offer in developing countries.

Partners: L’Oréal, Veolia, Solucom

Surgical Missions and Equipment Support for Koh Kong Regional Hospital

HumaniTerra sends between four and eight teams for care missions to the islands of Koh Kong: reconstructive, orthopedic and pediatric surgery, ophthalmology, odontostomatology, ENT, obstetrics and gynecology, and dermatology. Every year, more than 500 underprivileged patients suffering from various pathologies such as cleft lips, craniofacial abnormalities, congenital malformations of the hand, stomach or perineum, clubfeet, cataracts, skin tumors, burn sequelae and hernias are cared for by HumaniTerra’s medical teams.

HTI has already trained twelve Cambodian hospital executives and medical personnel from the Koh-Kong Hospital in France and in Cambodia, specifically reconstructive surgeons and intensive care anesthetists. HumaniTerra provides equipment support to the Koh Kong province hospital: installation of a new dental office, anesthesia and intensive care departments and ophthalmology department, and renovation of the operating theaters. The equipment installed is selected according to local maintenance capabilities.



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