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HumaniTerra has been involved in Jordan since 2014, where a burn center is being developed in Irbid to care for the Syrian refugees.

More than 620,000 Syrian refugees have arrived in the north of Jordan since the beginning of the conflict. A large part of this population lives in the Za’atari camp in dire conditions.

So far there are no possibilities on site for treating those who need surgical intervention, whether for war-related injuries or children seriously burned as a result of domestic accidents or other trauma. The only suitable hospital for treating these people is in the capital, Amman, which is not equipped to respond to this additional demand.

In order to tackle this issue, HumaniTerra is developing a centre in the Irbid region and designing a treatment program dedicated to these pathologies.

Creation of a Burn and Reconstructive Surgery Centre in Irbid

Two floors of the Princess Basma Hospital have been dedicated to the development of this centre. Support, both in terms of financing and project management — and not least — supply of medical equipment, has been graciously provided by our partners.

Partners: The Jordan Health Ministry, United Nations High Committee for Refugees (UNHCR), French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Embassy in Jordan, and the PACA Region


Programme - Sending HumaniTerra teams to care for the refugee population and to train local medical teams

The second phase of this project is an essential step towards rendering the centre created in 2014 fully self-sustainable. It is based on three specific actions revolving around care and training.

  • Sending HumaniTerra International surgical teams for regular missions to train the medical staff of the hospital on site.
  • Mentoring members of the local medical staff in France with the ultimate goal for them to become trainers for their coworkers in Irbid.
  • Organizing a conference on advanced techniques for operating burn victims.

How can you get involved in this project ?

HumaniTerra welcomes your contributions that are crucial to continuing to build this project. With your help, centre development can be secured, and most importantly, the refugee population will receive the care it needs. You can make a positive impact on the progress of our mission in Jordan.



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